Question about the functionality of the SO main page. If I open a fresh browser, view a question, read it for a few minutes and then hit the Back button, the main list of questions has changed (i.e. new questions are on top, along with recently answered questions, etc...)

Is this functioning as designed? I ask because I'll often see 2 questions that interest me, I click the first one, read/answer/vote on it, and then try to go back and find the second question but it's usually gone/"not-where-I-left-it" and I don't want to spend time trying to find it.

SO gets so many questions that if I spend a minute or more reading one post, by the time I go back a lot of activity has occurred on the main page.

I did see some previous posts asking about votes not being visible when clicking the back button (this post is similar as well) but from those posts it sounds like my page should in the state it was before I click the link, not refreshed updated.


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    I think this is by design, but just a tip to avoid the problem: use tabbed browsing! My workflow is to go through the whole list, open a few that interest me each in a new tab, and then just do them one at a time at my leisure.
    – Ben Lee
    Feb 20, 2013 at 0:46


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