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This is a somewhat minor design issue:

Currently, across all SE site chatrooms there is an inline style max-width on the footer logo (bottom right-hand side of each chatroom) that scales the logo if it's width is greater than 150px (there's also a max-height attribute set in the css for limiting the height).

This is very noticeable on beta sites with very long names such as "Chinese Language and Usage." Certain graduated sites with longer logos, like "English Language Usage," are affected as well.

Exhibit A Exhibit 1 (actual size)

I'd also like to make note that the font color of the main site name portion on the chatroom footer logos don't contrast very well against the dark-blue colored background (with the diagonal scanlines), when compared to the lighter font color of the "beta" text in the logo.

Another Exhibit (actual size)

Would it be possible to use a better contrasting color for the site name on the beta chatroom footer logo?

Would it be possible to change the max-width to something like 250px to improve readability of the logo?

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