I have a question regarding etiquette. I am having a problem importing a CMake native project into Eclipse. I have already done the steps in the accepted answer in Stack Overflow question Importing a CMake project into Eclipse CDT.

However, while the CMake, Make, makeinstall, ./executeable 1 works from the commandline, I cannot get the project to build in Eclipse. Eclipse cannot find the correct paths to the include or libs folders, even though I try to convince her with menu Properties -> General C++, Make Project or Include Libs and Symb...

If I were to post a new question, I would have basically the same title "Importing a CMake native project into Eclipse". The posting tips say I should not re-ask a question. Essentially, if another person throws a question and someone catches it, I might like to re-throw the question. Though it might have solved some peoples' problem, it fell short for me.

Should I try to come up with a new question with slightly different subject, or comment (unavailable) on the original?

1 It doesn't actually work. To my surprise, I cannot run the testproject executable doing

testrunprojectdir$ ./testproject

It fails with linking errors. I must run it from the repository top -1 directory specifying the full path from there, like:

repositoryRoot$ A/B/testrunprojectdir/testproject

This is possibly due to an in-source build configuration. For our project, the directory from which CMake, Make and executables are run cannot be varied.


Unless you can state specific ways in which your situation differs from that of the person who posted the prior question (other than getting a different result), there's a problem. Your question will be 'too localized', as it is a description of a problem entirely specific to your personal circumstances, and no one is going to be able to guess those circumstances and answer.

As for the linking problem, why don't you post a question that includes the complete text of the 'linkage error', and someone will very likely answer by explaining LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and then you'll know what's amiss in Eclipse as well? It has nothing to do with 'not finding include or lib folders.'

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