Right now, if you Vote to Close a question, and select one of the reasons (say Not Constructive) you need to manually press the Vote to Close button by taking your mouse to it and pressing.

Could we have it tabbed instead? So that I can select the option, and hit tab followed by enter.

Right now, hitting tab takes me to the search bar, and then the links on the SO page below the dialog in the expected order.

EDIT: Going through the flag review que, I've also noticed the same behavior when flagging as Invalid Flag or Not an Answer etc. However, hitting tab works perfectly when adding a custom message using the Other option. I'm asking for the same behavior to be applied to the options without a text box as well.

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? It's possible. But if there's anything in the tab navigation "path" in between, such as a link in a flag reason's description, you will need to tab past those first.

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