I stumbled across this question and I was unsure whether it fits SO requirements for a question. My initial thought was "No" because it seems like a Yes/No question with a prompt to do research for them.

But then I thought as I don't know G-Talk/W8-Messaging maybe this is an obscure enough question to warrant having to ask an expert.


I seems like the correct course of action is probably to flag it with an explanation of my reasoning, but I don't think the moderators get back to people if they disagree with the reason. I'd like to know so I can flag up stuff correctly.

What is your opinion on the validity question?


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In my opinion and at a brief glance the question in question is not fitting because

  • there's no real problem the OP is facing
  • it's far too broad - books could and have probably been written on the subject
  • it lacks research effort

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