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  • Initially i started to use stack overflow using rachel.s@neonous.com with account name rachel and i have 129 reputation.
  • Now i need to log in into same account using some other id. for eg: rachel@abc.com
  • The issue is, both the above id's are maintained by Google. so when i log in using rachel@abc.com, its creating new account.
  • I want to log in to account name rachel with rachel@abc.com.
  • My rachel.s@neonous.com account is going to expire in two days, please help me.

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First of all login with the old email id. Then go to your profile -> click on my logins -> click on add more logins…. Now select log in with Google option and here you need to log in with your new email id. Done. Now if you login with the new email id, it will login into your main(old) Stack Overflow account.

  • yes its done... thanks a lot.. – Rachel Mar 12 '13 at 4:39

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