How about having a short link to other sites in the StackExchange network?


[site:superuser] displays as SuperUser

[site:cs] displays as CS

[site:area51] displays as Area51

(a better suggestion of minimal typing to link to other sites is welcome)

I often point users to other sites where questions (may) belong, but the overhead to linking to the URL is quite significant sometimes.

Also: It may be worth thinking about whether we'd want to use something like [site:cs/something_goes_here] for CS/something_goes_here, though I don't think I'll ever use that format.

Note: Apologies if this already exists, has already been suggested or something similar has been declined. I'm not really sure how to phrase these things in square brackets.


I mainly want these in comments (not really a need for it otherwise as mentioned here), and this is, as mentioned, already covered by this question


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