Yes, there are currently only twenty-two questions on Stack Overflow, so manually updating them is no problem.

My problem is, I'm not exactly sure how to retag some of them, as they fall into a number of categories.

Hand Gestures


Poker hands (these will just get removed, IMHO)

Mouse cursor

The tag says "A pointer style for a mouse.", but that's clearly wrong, since the first use of the tag was for hand gestures.

Maybe I'm overthinking a tag used on 22 questions, but I think the obvious thing to do is remove the tag from all poker and mouse cursor questions; it's a meta tag and is pointless.

What to do about the "hand gesture" and "finger" questions? Do we need a tag for them? Or is that just as meta and useless?


The hand gesture questions seem to be served well by the tag. No need for a tag there.

And the finger questions could simply go with a tag. I don't think those need anything more detailed than that either.

So I would simply get rid of the tag on those as well.

  • Aha, I knew there had to be some sort of [gesture-recognition] tag, I just couldn't figure out what it was. – LittleBobbyTables - Au Revoir Mar 13 '13 at 14:28

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