I would like to receive an email alert on new questions containing a specific keyword. I have seen that it is possible to receive such alerts for a specific tag.

Unfortunately, this keyword is not yet associated to a tag. Is there a solution to this issue, or should I wait until I got 1500 reputation to create a tag for it?

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    What's the keyword? It quite possibly should not be a tag. (In any event, if it doesn't already exist, why would new questions use it?) – Wooble Mar 13 '13 at 15:10
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    You could set up a Google Alert for it I guess. – Bart Mar 13 '13 at 15:12
  • You can also suggest that the tag be created. – hjpotter92 Mar 13 '13 at 15:12
  • if you use the wrong keyword you will fill your email in a bunch of seconds – giammin Mar 13 '13 at 15:14
  • @Bart Thanks for the Google Alert tip. – poiuytrez Mar 14 '13 at 8:36

If it is a keyword worth following, it needs a tag. That's what tags are for, to discover new questions for a given subject.

Because tags already support following (in various different ways, including RSS, email and websocket-powered dedicated pages), no other 'follow a keyword' functionality is available.

If you find that the specific keyword you want to follow is used by a decent number of questions, you can request that a tag is created for it. Post a tag request here on Meta and we can help create it for you.

  • Just... make sure it's a tag that's valid, and not a meta tag like "design" or "problem", of course. =) – J. Steen Mar 13 '13 at 15:28
  • @J.Steen: When someone posts here on Meta to ask for a tag like that, I'm sure the community will educate the OP of what makes a proper tag. :-P – Martijn Pieters Mar 13 '13 at 15:29
  • Thoroughly. I've seen it happen. – J. Steen Mar 13 '13 at 15:29

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