I've been reading these questions,

How many words can a tag contain?

Maximum length of tags

however I am adding one more question to talk on this limit. I know 25 is the maximum limit for any tag created. However there should be some mechanism that allow / differentiate with code (snippets) default keyword and the newly created tag. Logically there's no difference, but in practical use, I can show you the difference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15428886/mpmovieplayerviewcontroller-ios-4-3-cant-stream-m3u8-file See this question I've just asked, where I was trying to add a tag for MPMoviePlayerViewController which is an iOS SDK keyword (reserved word), but I can't add it fully as there's a limit of 25 characters maximum. I feel this is not be the correct limitation for developers. Personally I feel this bad if I lost meaning of a word.

Is there any mechanism, that recognizes those tags which are reserve word so that they would be shown fully and not the cut-ed out.

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    Why should that keyword be a tag? – juergen d Mar 15 '13 at 10:10
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    Voting is different on meta – juergen d Mar 15 '13 at 10:17
  • Search works way better these days, likely meaning a tag that long is not necessary even if we would want to allow it. – user7116 Mar 15 '13 at 12:58
  • I'm not seeing why that should even be a tag in the first place. – Xarcell Mar 15 '13 at 16:53

The limit for tags is pure practical. And I think 25 is perfect.

There is no need to include a tag for each keyword or identifier. If you have a problem with a language, add the language tag and the version tag (if needed). If the item of your worries belongs to a specific framework or library, include that too. But more levels are not really needed.

Besides, what to do with keywords/identifiers that have a meaning in several languages... we already have problems with tags that can be interpreted in several ways.


MPMoviePlayerViewController is not a keyword, it's an identifier, the name of a class, and it shouldn't be made a tag. Tags are for broad categorization, not for adding each and every keyword/identifier contained in your code to your question a second time. Full text searches will allow people to find your question based on the string "MPMoviePlayerViewController", it does nothing for you or anybody else to add it as a tag as well.

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