Now the database refactoring is done, would it be possible to explore questions through tags based on the USER's profile ?


  • if I am on a user's profile and I click on one of their Tags 'T', I would like to see the n questions where he/she has put an answer, not the NN questions ever tagged T.

  • same goes for the tags beneath a question in somebody's profile

  • same for "favorites": click on a tag is a way to filter through all somebody's favorite questions in order to see only the one tagged T

Those requests could be combined with the usual sort directives.

That could mean an API like:

http://stackoverflow.com/users/1234/tagged/T or U?filter=tag&sort=votes
http://stackoverflow.com/users/1234/tagged/T or U?filter=question&sort=views
http://stackoverflow.com/users/1234/tagged/T or U?tabs=favorites&sort-top


  • show me all questions tagged T or U where user 1234 has put at least one answer, sorted by his/her most upvoted answer
  • show me all questions asked by user 1234, tagged T or U, sorted by the user's most viewed questions
  • show me all favorite questions for user 1234, tagged T or U, from the most recent to the oldest

The first beneficiaries would be the users themselves, for their own profile which can contain a lot of question/answer/favorites.



this is a fairly dramatic change to the user page, so I strongly suggest anyone interested check it out.

(by that I mean, see what happens when you click on a tag on a user page now.)

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  • stackoverflow.com/… : nice! Thank you. – VonC Aug 11 '09 at 9:20
  • Awww, I was so used to the old way. I would go to my user page and middle click the tags to open the tags I usually go to (I know I should probably be using Interesting Tags for this, but they don't line up in a table and so its harder to quickly open 10-15 of them) – Anders Aug 11 '09 at 14:51

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