The tag has over a thousand tagged questions, but doesn't seem to do a lot. Looking at the wiki, the description is very vague:

In software development, a project is a collection of files and resources used in the development of an application or service.

The description is fairly unspecific and many of the questions go along the lines of "How to start a project?" Which goes against SO guidelines; having a tag that could suggest these questions are ok would be bad, much like project-idea which was removed.

Many other questions, in my opinion, either don't need the tag to function, or are not truly pertaining to "project" but more to their specific workspace or ide.

The tag feels a bit redundant as there are already tags for specific ides like eclipse and netbeans (which many of the questions are already tagged as).

This also goes for .


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    Just come across this tag, burninate it! P.S. if anyone's interested I'm out of close votes and this is the reason I came across it: stackoverflow.com/questions/2083020/… – ben is uǝq backwards Mar 28 '13 at 16:09
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    No, don't burninate. Clean up all of the questions, and then burninate. The tag is a honeypot. – Charles Mar 28 '13 at 16:47
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    Sorry @Charles, my personal version of burnination involves lots of closing and a little deletion first :-). – ben is uǝq backwards Mar 28 '13 at 17:46