In this question a user copied and pasted code from an article written by someone else. I believe it is unfair to vote the answer up since copying and pasting code/text isn't really doing any work. What do others think about up voting or down voting? I believe in some situations it's ok, no need to reinvent the wheel, but in this situation the source doesn't elaborate well and I think the poster could have at least explained better. Also copying from wikihow and not saying that's where it's coming from isn't (in my opinion) a reliable source. Are some sources more acceptable to copy from than others?

UPDATE: the answer has since been removed


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Not only is copying and pasting code/text not really doing any work, but copying and pasting code/text without linking to the source is wrong. Although the answer contains a wikiHow link, that's a link to a different article:


The article from which the user has copied is not referenced at all:


Not only that, but his answer, before the latest edit, was something entirely different yet probably just as unhelpful: a full code dump seemingly from nowhere.

Based on the fact that he has simply copied and pasted without so much as a proper reference, as well as his response to your comment on his answer which shows me he doesn't really want to take himself seriously, I deleted the answer altogether.


You are allowed to quote external sources providing you credit the original source. Especially in this case when the answer violates Wikihow's terms of use. It doesn't have to be a reliable source (this is not Wikipedia) -- up- and downvotes determine whether it's a good answer or not.

I say either edit the answer to add a link to the original source and downvote, or flag for moderator attention.

I did some digging and it seems many of the user's answers are copy-pasted without attribution:

There are probably more, I didn't go through all the answers. Many are also link-only. He also seems to have a habit of pressuring people to accept his answers (1, 2).

I don't think it's malicious, he just doesn't know he shouldn't be doing it. He would probably stop it if a moderator notified him. (I'll also comment with a link to this in one of his answers. EDIT: He deleted the answer (10k+) where I added the comment.)

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