Questions can be linked to in one of two ways. One of them keeps track of who "created" the link and the other does not. I.e.


phpseclib or ssh2 pecl extension

The latter gets converted to the post title, but the former doesn't.
Seems to me like it ought to?

And it's not extracting the title from the URL either - I tried changing the "pretty" text in the URL up and it still displayed the original title:

phpseclib or ssh2 pecl extension

  • Also, fixing that might be a little easier if the API was modified (the problem being that the answer short link is the only one that has to be special-cased, because it doesn't include the question ID), but I'm not sure (it'd certainly help my comment link conversion script). </shameless self-promotion> – Tim Stone Mar 26 '13 at 17:59

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