Recently, I noticed something like this in my reputation tab:

+15/-15 14:10 2 events What does IN mean in Windows device driver functions?
+15 14:10 accept
-15 14:10 unaccept

So I thought, my answer was accepted and again unaccepted. But again, when I visited the Question, I saw, its still accepted.

If it is not unaccepted, why is the -ve reputation, and if it is unaccepted, why tha answer itself showing as accepted?

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    OP unaccepts your answer (-15). Then reaccepts it (+15). Net result: no change – Mysticial Mar 27 '13 at 6:09

The answer was probably unaccepted then (re)accepted. You've got the timeline of events backwards.

To check this, look at the timestamps by hovering over "14:10". The unaccept occurred at 14:10:28, whereas the accept occurred 9 seconds later, at 14:10:37.

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  • Thanks @Asad, The answer was previously accepted. Then unaccepted and (re)accepted. got it. – Dipto Mar 27 '13 at 6:13

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