The description of badge is "Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions"

So, my understanding is that a user should do 600 votes (on question and answers) and at least 25% of them should be on questions.

My votes count on SO is 231 on questions and 190 on answers.

If I look at Badge process under Review, it shows me a bargraph with 231 from 600, which makes me think that only votes on questions counts for this badge.

Is wording wrong or is badge progress wrong?

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    "Voted on 600 questions" Apr 2, 2013 at 17:55

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You misunderstood the wording.

Voting on 600 questions counts like the descriptions says.

But you should not only have that votes because you already voted on millions of posts and some of them were questions.

It is a badge to award your voting on questions. That badge was introduced because people all the time vote on answers but often forget to vote on questions too.

That is why 25% of your votes should be on questions. Meaning you can only have a 75% vote on answers, not more to get the badge. That is a second condition to make sure you have a fair share of voting for questions, not only for answers and a bit of questions.


Yes. the wording is correct.

You need to have voted on at least 600 questions and then have 25% of all your votes on questions.

I think part of the reason this badge is offered is to get more people to look at new and unanswered questions.

Just keep voting! It's what makes the site run!

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