I realise that the current five Belongs on options in the off topic selection is based on statistics of succesful migrations. And that some others want more options there.

I want less options there or more relevant ones (for me), because on the last two sites mentioned there (dba.stackexchange.com and sharepoint.stackexchange.com) I never logged in and I don't think I ever visited them. I have no clear understanding what the are about apart from the one-liner below the belongs on text. I have a better idea about what questions on tex.stackexchange.com involve, and I visited that but have not felt the need to login, but such visits are probably not so closely tracked as cross-logins.

I suggest that the actual list should be influenced by either the existance of a login for that user for the site.

  • Either gray out the ones the user has no login for, or

  • give up to five options selected based on the statistics and existence of login for that user (and possible reputation on those sites).

Either option should reduce the number of wrong migration proposals, which seems a problem.

  • This is a specific feature request, I know the topic of migration has been discussed but have not seen this, so I hope this not going to be a duplicate. If it happens to be a duplicate, I am going to ask for a '10 questions with 100% duplicates' badge. I am sure I will be able to manage that (Bronze is ok).
    – Anthon
    Apr 5 '13 at 7:34

A possible solution would be to use a per tag statistic to determine which sites to show.

So for instance, questions tagged would probably be migrated to Code Review or Web Masters rather than Sharepoint or TeX.

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