So I've been wondering about this:

On the one hand the question is a record of a problem to be solved. On the other hand, people come to stack overflow for the solution, and since the question requires code with a link in SO, the problem is already on record.

So what do you think?

  • It is a record for that question – Tamil Selvan C Apr 7 '13 at 11:12

No, fork the fiddle instead. The jsfiddle is part of the question. If someone asks you a question and you get a satisfactory answer, you don't go back and change the question, right? Same goes here. Original code in the question, improved/correct code in the answer.


First of all, people should be able to make out the problem without going to the jsfiddle.

Now, the jsfiddle is a record of the problem, which people will want to be able and reproduce, and the existing jsfiddle is perfect for that.

What you can do is create a new jsfiddle with the fix and post that - either as an update to the question or in a comment.

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