(As an addition to Fixing the sucktastic merge UI for tags and Merging / synonymising should warn of tag wiki loss)

Currently, there's no way for a moderator to undo a tag synonym / merge. While a moderator's intent behind making a synonym mapping could be well-intentioned, sometimes what happens is that better arguments get put forward in meta / chat on why the synonym shouldn't exist.

What would be nice to have is for StackExchange to have a way of undoing this action. Yes, a mapping can be deleted, but it does not restore tags for merges. If there's a way for the system to maintain a database of tags and allow a grace period window for tags to be un-merged, that would be amazing!

  • You can undo a synonym, just not a merge. If in doubt, don't merge, just synonymize; you still get most of the benefits of the synonym without the merge. – Robert Harvey Apr 9 '13 at 23:42

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