Is it possible to somehow (easily, but doesn't have to be) view or visualize my /review/ performance?

I found an interesting question, Lock questions in the review queue while being reviewed, which basically talks about a user taking a long time to review a post causing the review opportunity to timing out, and give the review to somebody else; however, that somebody else does a quick review and moves on.

My mind started wondering: how many times have I been that somebody else?

In essence, I'm wondering if there is a way (even if through Data.SE) to view the following of posts I reviewed:

  • Edits by someone other than the author, which occurred after I performed a "No Action Needed" review or an "I'm Done" action;

  • Questions/answers closed/deleted by someone other than the author, where I did not cast a flag;

  • (important!) Posts deleted through the use of a helpful spam flag, where I didn't flag spam.

Aside from personal benefit to some curious users (like myself), it may be used by mods or others (devs?) to possibly detect abuse, etc.

PS. This is tagged as , because it might not be worth a yet.


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