If I understand correctly how the linked questions works; if the post Q1 contains a link to Q2 (anywhere on the page - in the comments, in the answers, in the question) then Q1 is shown among linked questions for Q1 and vice-versa.

When there are too many linked questions, a there is a link saying "see more linked questions", for example [here](see more linked questions).

After clicking on that link you get search of this form:
But this only returns questions linking to the given question and the ones which are linked from it.

For example, if I would click on this link for Q1, I would not see Q2.

Is this intentional? Or is it a bug?

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A different question which also mentions problems with linked questions (namely the problems that the links given in comments might be missed) was tagged as . When I tried this on some questions, linked questions do not link to a search anymore and they seem to work as expected.

I am posting this answer here, so that the post does not remain unanswered (the issue is already solved).

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