As per this question - it seems dismissed flags on answers/questions eventually can allow your flags to not be seen.

I had asked about how frequently we should flag comments on a beta site.

This answer discusses how flagging comments/comment trains is desirable even if the moderators will decline them on their judgement.

But, I don't really want to flag enough comments doing this that I actually become banned from any of my flags (comment/answer/question) being recognized.


  • Do declined comment flags affect your "flag weight" (which affects the status of becoming hellbanned)?

Declined comment flags don't reduce your flag weight. We can't see the flag weight anymore, but when we were able to see it they didn't affect it.

And you should not worry about flag weight anyway, SE is currently overhauling the whole flag system, so everything will change anyway and I guess that flag weight will cease to exist in this exact form.

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