The Unanswered button currently shows all questions with no accepted answers and no upvoted answers.

I suggest bifurcating this functionality into two buttons: one with the current functionality, the other with a list of questions that have no answer attempts at all.

A few badges for answering (and getting upvotes) for very old un-answered questions would be a nice complement to this feature.

I realize that button space across the top is precious, so there may be some resistance to this idea.


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New answers to old questions? And getting upvoted? You could qualify for a Necromancer badge.

As for combing through questions with no answers at all, click on the No Answers At All button.


This has been implemented (or re-implemented, if @Brad's comment is correct). The Unanswered list now has a "no answers" sort option.

E.g. https://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/?tab=noanswers

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