The main Stack Overflow pages do not use live-updating; it would be too much of a performance penalty on the server due to the high volume of questions.
This is the answer for one of my question why stackoverflow page is not getting refreshed..?
But how the times are updating?
Like 3h 3m ago , 1h 2m ago etc..
Any idea?

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The 'ago' relative times are updated by javascript, in your browser.

Each entry on the page has the absolute time stored as a title attribute, and the script just periodically updates the shown relative time relative to your computer clock:

<span title="2013-04-18 09:39:16Z" class="relativetime">19 mins ago</span>

Consequently, if you set your computer clock incorrectly, say, to a point of time in the future, these relative time indicators will be wrong too.

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