In What makes a question appear under 'frequent'? I describe in more detail what the "frequent question sort order" is all about (in comparison to What's the 'Frequent' sort function?). However, it came to my attention that this excludes the default personalized links (when clicking on the share button below a post; has the form http://<base URL>/q/<post>/<user>). This seems inadequate for those users who follow this path rather than using the default post URL. Am I correct in my assumption? If so, would it be possible to include these in the measure (for obvious reasons)?

In more technical terms, the "frequent question sort order" does the following search:

url:"http://<base URL>/questions/<post>/*"

while personalized links do not have this same format.


The "frequent question sort order" now launches an updated search query:

url:"http://<base URL>/q*/<post>/*"

which captures both default and personalized links to the question.

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