See these are different and the huge difference ?

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    Beta sites have lower rep requirements since they're new and have fewer high rep users. – CodesInChaos Apr 23 '13 at 8:55
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    ^ Patents and ask is not a beta i think.Atleast it's not written in there. – user220080 Apr 23 '13 at 8:56
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    I'm pretty sure patents is in beta, but it's a bit special due to the cooperation with the patent office. So it got its own design right in the beginning. – CodesInChaos Apr 23 '13 at 8:57
  • Some sites simply do not have the critical mass to actually reach... critical mass. And by that, I mean there are not enough questions/answers/users to give enough reputation for there to be enough users with certain privileges. – J. Steen Apr 23 '13 at 8:57
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    patents is... special. you should consider it beta. – yannis Apr 23 '13 at 8:57

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