I asked my question "The "Hot" tab algorithm changed recently, does not appear to be working as intended" a week ago and got a LOT of interest (32 up-votes, 4 favorites, and 223 views).

I originally had the question tagged as a Discussion, however Mystical re-tagged my question as bug (which I think was a good idea) but I have had absolutely no response from any kind of devs on it.

Because my question was originally tagged as Discussion then changed to Bug did it never get added from some queue for devs to look at, or am I just impatient and need to calm down and wait for an answer?


Yes, they're slightly less eligible for answers that aren't really answers but just discuss whatever topic was raised in the question.

They also languish in a dedicated queue that's checked regularly by developers who rage and fume over the ever-increasing volume and occasionally take steps to reduce it by fixing things.

Worst-case: your bug might be further retagged with a status tag.

  • Calm down and sit on my hands, got it :) (will accept in 3 min) – Scott Chamberlain Apr 24 '13 at 15:28

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