I just replied to a post which was migrated from Stack Overflow:


There is no user info on the question. This might be because the user does not have an account linked on Meta.

So, if a question is migrated and the user does not have an account on that particular site, does the user get the notifications for answers or comments?

If not, I think the user should be notified.

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When this site moves to Meta Stack Exchange, and Stack Overflow gets a shiny new Meta of its own, this will be less of a problem. Questions like this will be migrated to the new Meta Stack Overflow, where SO users will have accounts, because the accounts on main and meta are linked.

However, the general question remains a good one.

Are users notified of actions on their migrated posts when they have no account on the target site?

I think the answer is no, but I wouldn’t swear to it. And you’re right: they should be.

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