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What if we get a badge no matter silver,bronze or gold after completing some criteria.What if the criteria does not hold now?

Mean to say:

let's say i got a badge "nice question" after getting 10 upvotes . Now someone downvotes my question.Will that badge be gone?


I got a enlightened badge but after which a better answer comes in and OP changes the accepted answer. What happens to my badge?


About unsung hero badge. I got about 20 accepted answers with 10(or 4 +) of which have zero score. So, I get a unsung hero badge . Now I post more accepted with positive score such that zero score answers gets reduced from 20% to 10%.Will my badge be taken back?

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    Badges are never removed (unless in extreme circumstances). – Matt Apr 26 '13 at 9:51
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With the exception of tag badges, you keep whatever badge you earned - even if you no longer meet the criteria.

There are some rare cases, where a badge will be manually removed when there is fraud involved. But those are rare scenarios, and are only done in extreme circumstances.

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