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I've found many sites in the Stack Exchange network.

When I join to Meta Stack Overflow, the new account received +100 reputation on my account of both Stack Overflow (as "Association Bonus") and on Meta Stack Overflow.

But when I join other sites such as Electrical Engineering, Photography, etc., it only gives me +100 reputation on the new site, but doesn't give the bonus on Stack Overflow anymore.

I want to know why I only received an Association Bonus on Stack Overflow when I joined Meta Stack Overflow?

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    You get association bonus only once per site. – hims056 May 8 '13 at 9:29
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Association bonus is a one-time thing per site. Once you reach 200 reputation on any site, you get +100 on all sites that you participate on. If you join any sites after this, the +100 is awarded belatedly.

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