In December 2012, was synonymized with . This means that anyone trying to tag their question gets instead.

Earlier today, revision 5 to this question rolled back a set of edits that ended up removing as part of the pre-synonym purge.

As a result, the "new" appeared in the 10k tools new tag list:

A screenshot of the 10k tools showing the "new" tag.

It also appears on the list of tags on the Tags tab when sorted by newest:

A screenshot of the Tags tab demonstrating the presence of the "new" tag

I've since purged the heathen. Er. Tag.

How is this possible? Shouldn't the system have detected that the tag has been synonymized and redirected as appropriate? Or does the synonym retag redirect magic happen only when invoking the actual editor? Or is the rollback mechanism just that brutal?

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    related to this, we're looking into it.
    – user50049
    Dec 19, 2013 at 5:46


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