I was taking a look at some of my recent voting activity to check on some developments on a post I voted on. Doing so, I noticed that a couple of questions had a (deleted) indicator below the vote type. It seems to appear only on question closure votes and nothing else.

enter image description here

At first I thought that I cast a vote to delete the question but the vote type would have shown as deletion instead. Plus in most cases, I haven't even cast a delete vote on these questions. Then I considered the vote got "deleted" when the question was eventually closed. But that doesn't make sense, other votes don't appear that way. Perhaps it is showing because something on the question was deleted (an answer, a comment, etc.) but this doesn't seem very consistent with other posts that have the indicator.

I'm not seeing this much on posts I voted to close on Stack Overflow but I'm seeing it more often on other sites where I have close voting powers. I can't find a clear pattern to this indicator. The closest thing I can think of that is close to a pattern are that many of them I flagged something on the post that was acted on but on the other hand, many of them I haven't flagged anything.

What does it mean?