There is a torrent of suggested edits on the StackOverflow review queue from a single user, who apparently searches for the line pain in the ass and modifies it to something "non-explicit".

Most of this suggestions get rejected, but it resises two questions:

  1. Is it appropriate to edit answers in such a way?
  2. Is pain in the ass really too explicit for SO?

p.s. I've checked this question, but I believe the situation is a bit different - suggested edits are much more trivial in this case, and user is not really new.


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I wouldn't call it overly offensive. That most of the suggestions are getting rejected means that they suggested edit system is working, especially if it's the only edit the user is making (too trivial).

Hopefully the user gets the message eventually, but if it's a hassle to scrub these, and you don't want to out the user here, flag one of the answers that the user edited, using the Custom Description option, and we will review it.

Users without editing privileges should probably refrain from suggesting edits like this; it takes time to review such edits, and we'd rather spend such time on more substantial edit suggestions.

  • thanks, I've just flagged one of the edited answers
    – Vladimir
    May 16, 2013 at 18:39

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