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I know that we don't have automatic login for the Data Explorer, but what's with the automatic timeout/logout? There have been times that I am logged into the site, maybe I walk away for a little bit, and I come back to being logged out.

Is there a reason for logging us out of Data Explorer? If so, is it possible to either remove the timeout or extend the period of time before timeout?

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This actually isn't a feature, it's an issue with how the site is configured when it's deployed that causes your session to be unintentionally invalidated when the application cycles (or so I was told).

I'll see if I can convince Nick to make the necessary tweaks to the deployment process once he has a chance to review the somewhat lengthy list of pending changes.

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    Glad to know it isn't just me who is frustrated with this. :) – Taryn May 30 '13 at 0:25

Tell me about it. In the meantime, you can use a heartbeat bookmarklet to ping the server:

javascript:void(setInterval(function foo(){with(new XMLHttpRequest)   {   open("POST",{},true);   setRequestHeader("Foo", "Bar");   send(""); foo = function(){}}},100000))

as a workaround.

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