The initial questions page after login should be the ones showing those questions on your added/favorite tags. Since they are your favorites, it sort of works as the tags you follow.

Every time I go to any Stack Exchange site, I would always need to go to tags again and again.

This feature would sort of work like Facebook's news feed/timeline, but instead you get the latest questions from the tags you are following. I know the questions tab needs to be retained as is but couldn't we have another tab that would display the ones I mentioned above as the default?

Anyway, in my own experience, since I don't know much about other languages like Ruby or Python (I'm more of a PHP guy), then seeing Ruby or Python questions doesn't seem useful in the default page. Instead having a default page of PHP and all other tags I added would seem more helpful. If users insist to look for other questions, there is the old question tab or the old tags tab which users can navigate to.


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this is why you have in your personal page the prefs option. Add tags that you want to see question of (under Favorite Tags), and this will highlight them in the main page.

Alternatively, use a link to get into SO that reflects your preference, for example:

  • yes it highlights it, but it still is a clutter. You would tend to scroll a lot just because there are more non-highlighted questions than the highlighted ones.. which usually, you overlook/or are not interested with anyway. (not sure if it's only me that thinks this way though) Jun 8, 2013 at 2:17
  • Also noting that questions with awesome-but-not-popular tags like [google-visualization] will never ever pop up on the front page unless you just answered one. So highlighting them doesn't do much.
    – jmac
    Jan 15, 2014 at 4:07

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