When I first signed up for StackExchange, I used a disposable email address to create an account since I didn't think I'd be using the account more than once. However, that changed (which I guess points to the strength of StackExchange).

I wasn't bothered about retaining the rep of the old account, so signed up for a new one with a more permanent email. Confusingly, somewhere down the line — I think due to StackExchange not properly logging out — my new account now has my old account's rep, and my old account now seems to be able to login to this new one.

What I want to do is to prevent the old email address from logging into this account whatsoever. I've tried removing the old email address as stated in this answer, but if I then enter the old email address and password, it still seems to be able to log me into my new account.

This question might be a duplicate of this one, but that one was unanswered.

Do I need to get an admin to delete the old account (I don't care whether the history associated with the old account is removed), or is there another solution?

Edit: I've now contacted support directly, so hopefully they will give me a solution. And now they have; all fixed now.


What happened was that your accounts were identified as both belonging to you and merged. It is no longer possible to delete the "old" account, since it's now one and the same as your "new" account.

I removed the disposable credentials from your account and we deleted the Stack Exchange OpenID associated with that disposable address, so you should be all set.

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