Seems like the markdown editor is messing with arrays of arrays in code snippets.

Look at this answer from Mike Bostock:

(b[1][0] - b[0][0] and b[1][1] - b[0][1])

Was changed to:

(b[1][0] - b[0][0] and b[1][5] - b[0][6])

Weird and sometimes embarrassing for the volunteer.


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This happens when you have the existing arrays in place, at least one existing link, and then add an image or a link with the toolbar buttons.

Before adding image:

     a[0][1] b[0][1] c[0][1] d[0][1]

[1]: http://google.com

After adding image with toolbar button:

     a[0][1] b[0][2] c[0][3] d[0][4]

![enter image description here][5]

[1]: http://google.com
[2]: http://google.com
[3]: http://google.com
[4]: http://google.com
[5]: https://i.sstatic.net/7JnEc.gif

In the formatting sandbox, plus edit history.

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