EDIT: The synonym was recently created (thanks!). Hopefully, we can get the synonyms too.

Can we please make and synonyms of ?

It is clear that all three tags mean exactly the same thing (except for a few questions - 8 - about Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome, which is a totally different topic, and for which I created a new tag ), but users keep using all three of them in new questions, sometimes even in the same question.

As of 2014/01/14 :

It is clear that should be the main tag. Only about 600 questions are missing this tag.

EDIT : the following part in no longer relevant (I wasn't sure whether to remove it from the question).

Can we also make synonym for ?

It is clear both of them mean the same thing.

Those are too many questions to re-tag, so a synonym would be better. I think should be the main tag.

These synonyms were already suggested (some by myself and some by others) but it's hard to get people to vote for synonyms of less popular tags :

(note that is not related to Apple Push Notifications and was suggested as a synonym by mistake).

There were already some questions about these tags, but nothing was done to fix this issue :

I ask whoever has the power to either create those synonyms or vote for the suggested synonyms.

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