Just got a notification that someone from a Wordpress site linked to an old article of mine. Upon investigation, I realized it was because a content scraper ripped off my StackOverflow question from here: Workaround to prevent Facebook "Like" cross-domain error?

and put it up here: http://techforumnetwork.com/techqns/workaround-to-prevent-facebook-like-cross-domain-error-2/

Although I know content scraping questions have been asked before (i.e.: Is developerquestion.com just a ripoff?), is the team actually monitoring this? TechForumNetwork.com obviously has failed the "attribution required" test. I do feel uncomfortable that my questions are being reposted with my username across the net without knowing the implications.


Stack Exchange only monitors scraping that does not follow the required attribution rules (/legal, sec.3). Such violators should be reported here.

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