I suggest a way to buy reputation on SO.

And yes I have seen the following link which is irrelavent:

Is there a way to buy SO reputation?

But my purpose is completely different from the above.

My only purpose for buying reputation is not for looking more important/famous but to be able to pay for bounties for absolutely critical and time sensetive questions.

I personally don't see a drawback here as SO makes some money here and questioner also get his /her question answered with more priority.

I completely disagree with the follwing statement:

"A reputation market makes the voting system useless".

Famous industry leading websites, such as Expert-Exchange have been using similar methods for making money for years and Expert-Exchange is now highly profitable.

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  • Interesting concept: I would be strongly against buying reputation, but I might support purchasing a bounty directly, such that the reputation never shows on the purchaser's account. Still, there is potential for abuse, and more subtle problems with mis-alignment of incentives here, so such a feature would need to be examined very carefully. – Joel Coehoorn Oct 8 '13 at 14:13

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