When editing posts where users have placed links to images on third party sites (usually because they haven't attained the rep to insert images themselves) I find myself embedding the image and repeating the same process which could be improved a bit. The current process is:

  1. Highlight the URL to the image in the post.
  2. Copy it (right click, ctrl+c, etc.).
  3. Click the image icon in the editor toolbar.
  4. Click the "From the web" radio button.
  5. Paste the URL (right click, ctrl+v, etc.).
  6. Click the 'add picture' button.
  7. Profit.

We could save two whole steps (#2 and #5) if the image dialog automatically took the text that was highlighted in step one and populated the "From the web" input field. This improvement is along the lines of Image Upload Improvement Request: Reduce Clicks Required to Link Images.

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