In response to this question How can we improve moderation of IP networking questions on Stack Overflow and associated sites?

Perhaps we should add a migration path to Network Engineering from StackOverflow to redirect questions that fall into this category.

As this site is still in Beta I am unsure of the policy towards migrating topics to it but I would think redirecting traffic there would benefit both of the sites.

Current Migration Path List.


Consider that SO doesn't really get all that many relevant questions and that space is dear in that popup. There are better destinations.

Additionally, as a beta site, we discourage migrations, as for a beta site we don't want it to be inundated by posts other sites don't want.


There was one question in the last 90 days migrated to Network Engineering.

Compare this to the current options:

  • Meta Stack Overflow 84
  • Super User 1,370
  • Tex 140
  • DBA 491
  • Sharepoint 57

There doesn't seem to be any need to do this.

The only site that has more than any of these is Code Review, which is also a beta site, with 71 migrations. This should be considered over Network Engineering.

  • That link is 10k+ but I take your word for it. – Amicable Jun 28 '13 at 12:59

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