I'm trying to get some more robust user information (on myself, specifically) across stack exchange sites. The User tab isn't enough. I need things like how many answers have I posted since October 1 of last year? How many of those answers were accepted? What badges did I receive in that period?

I've been searching for an hour now, but I'm surprised that I'm not finding any application that helps out with this. Yes, I realize that there's an API that I can use to mine this information but that looks like a fair bit of work, considering I'm not really a web developer and OAuth from a desktop app looks like a whole lotta not fun.

Ideally, each specific exchange site would give me the capability to mine this information, but unless I'm missing something, they do not. Before I dive into this, am I missing some tool or app that already has done this?


This can be done easily through the API without OAuth. For instance, your posts since October 1st, 2012 on SO (you have 121).

Your badges from October 1st, 2012 on SO (you have 16).

You can use the first query on questions to see what % have is_accepted as true, but that requires looping through the results checking the has_more property to see if it is true -- this isn't overly complex, and shouldn't require any magical feat of strength if you are a developer of any sort. Point is, the API can do this all easily


With a little SQL knowledge you can query such data from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. It is updated weekly.

Browse existing queries. There may be queries for some of your questions.

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