The sidebar on the Badges page is being pushed down:

broken page


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It's all my fault, but I have fixed it :-)

The missing </div> was only an effect of a flunked Reshaper refactor (invert if to remove nesting).

This lead to the last bit of HTML inside the badge render loop to be skipped for single badges and this element was the missing </div>.

It will be out in the next deployment.


Latest FireFox with firebug shows: Looks like missing </div> in a loop somewhere, I don't see <div class="badge-hierarchy"> to end.

enter image description here

enter image description here


The fun part: Mołot's finds in Firefox's 3D View!

(Each 3D surface represents a HTML element with a color-coded edge: the teal ones are divs)

An ever-deepening pile of divs

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