When using bold for whole words the bold button works excellently:

**bold** becomes bold and *italic* becomes italic.

However when trying to apply formatting to just one letter it doesn't work

**b**old becomes bold and *i*talic becomes italic.

This is for very good reasons which have been explored in depth every time this feature request/(not a) bug is discussed: Bolding with ** isn't working properly, Why markdown **bold** rendered as italic on parts of words? etc etc etc and is . However in each case the easy work around is also discussed:

<b>b</b>old becomes bold and <i>i</i>talic becomes italic.

Feature Request
Therefore; i'd like to propose the feature request that the bold and italic buttons detect the context they're in and use the **bold** or <b>b</b>old formatting as appropriate.

The code button already does this context detection: it detects whether it is inline code in which case it formats it as 'code' or if its block code it indents it; which leads to a very good user experience. Something similar on the bold and italic buttons would probably avoid many meta questions about (not) bugs and feature requests

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