I just noticed this question. Its author doesn't have an account on this site, which makes it show up like this on the homepage:


It looks like a simple thing - but it gets in the way of the 'flow' of the page:

enter image description here

Couldn't we somehow get the author's name, so that migrated questions with authors that don't have an account here still show up, like this:


Much better. Please?

  • This likely has a technical restriction; it seems like nonexistent users can't show up on the homepage in any way whatsoever. For instance, when a user which existed at the time of activity is later deleted, the homepage changes to show the Community user instead. Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 10:54

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This oddity still happens, but for some reason I had never noticed it before. I was about to post it as a bug when I checked the archives and found this old feature request. So here I am, bumping the post.

The missing username is quite eerie, it should say something, why can't the same username be visible on the home page? You can read their username when you click on the question title and visit the page.

Maybe a placeholder such as “username”, “non-member” or “anonymous” at least until the user decides to join the site?

enter image description here
EL&U home page (Active)

The original question was posted on SE Writing

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