I use the same OpenID to log onto SO sites. When I log in to http://stackoverflow.com, and then navigate to other site such as http://meta.stackoverflow.com, it recognizes the same OpenID.

But when I open http://data.stackexchange.com, it shows login link on the top bar, I'm required to enter the same login credentials aagain. Why is this behavior with http://data.stackexchange.com?


Data.SE is based on an entirely separate open source code base. This is different from the SE Network which is built on a proprietary code base.

Hence, your login data and account credentials are not shared between the two sites.

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    It also hasn't been updated in forever... Hint hint, SE team. Jul 13 '13 at 3:31
  • "not shared between the two sites", at least until you do log in: then it can determine your UserId on any SE site.
    – Mark Hurd
    Jul 14 '13 at 14:13

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