I have found a way to do something (safely remove of OAuth of .NET MVC4 application) on my own. I've searched a lot on the internet about this and can't find how to.

There's any place here that I can put the step by step on Stack Overflow?

-- EDIT --

Thanks for all replies and sorry for not seeing similar questions before asking. Later I'll put the step by step in Answer/Question format on the SO, I think this will help a lot of people.


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No. Stack Overflow is not a tutorial site it's a Q&A type of site. You can consult the help center to see what types of posts are accepted here.

Now if you rule out the tutorial idea, you can ask a question about .NET MVC4 and answer it yourself if you judge it could help someone. Then again, make sure you consult the help center to make sure your question fits the Q&A format so it gets positive feedback.

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Ask a question on SO, then at the bottom there is an "Answer your Question" button

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    Just make sure that the question and answer each stand on their own and that they are both of sufficient standard.
    – Oded
    Commented Jul 17, 2013 at 12:55

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