The UI for the multiple questions list is confusing to me (and apparently to some others). Various issues with the current model are described on this UX.meta post, but I will try to briefly describe some of them below. The following images are from the Security SE site, but the issues are the same on other SE network sites.

The home page looks like this

active | features | hot | week | month

and the questions page looks like this.

newest | featured | frequent| votes | active | unanswered

The entries on each list also look different for no apparent reason.

Home page entry:
home page entry

Questions page entry:
questions page entry

Here are the issues that I think are problematic:

  • It isn't immediately obvious which page will contain the list you are looking for. I don't know the reason why one list has the things it has or why the other list has the things it has, so I can't guess where to find what I'm looking for. This issue is compounded by the fact that both lists contain active and featured, because it means that the separate pages don't have individual purposes.

  • The only way to get to the lists on the home page is to click the site's logo. This means that if I want to find the lists that are only on the home page (hot, week, month, interesting on StackOverflow) I have to discover it through a hidden link. When I'm looking for the list of, say, hot posts, pressing the site logo doesn't occur to me.

  • If I am browsing through different lists, I have to constantly jump back and forth between these pages. If I am on Stack Overflow and I want to monitor both the newest list and the interesting list, I have to switch between pages, which is a more thought-intensive process than switching through tabs.

Note that I am not suggesting how to fix these issues. It probably isn't trivial and I am not a UX expert. I am only asking that it be fixed. If you have an idea about how to resolve this confusion, you can post it as an answer.

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