and are a complete mess: questions with those tags could be about numeric addition, or adding graphic elements to a screen, new records to a table or modules to software, etc, even though the wiki for describes the tag as being about numeric addition.

I think could hijack that wiki and be used for questions about the addition operation applied to numbers, arrays, binary numbers and any other weird object that has an equivalent operation. Cleaning those three tags would consolidate that group.

and could be left as orphaned tags after clean-up or burninated, unless someone has a better idea.

Or we could just wipe them all, of course. (Someone already suggested that should be burninated but I don't personally agree.)

What do you think?

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    add [add] to the burnination list. adding [adding] is also a good idea. I agree with [addition]'s addition too. – Doorknob Jul 19 '13 at 23:49

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